I should have thought to smile!

Hey, big excitement at the Ridge/Ward house!

Rachel and I made it on Channel 3 news. The story aired on the late news, and was later placed on the front page of the WTKR web site. We had gone to a public forum at Norview High School to voice opinions about the Norfolk Public Schools policy on cell phones.

If I’d had any idea I was going to wind up on TV tonight, I’d have spruced up a little (and I should have smiled some).

The event was also covered by Steven Vegh of the Virginian-Pilot.

[9/29/2012 Edit: Video and page are gone from WTKR site, and a text recap of the story is here: http://wtkr.com/2012/03/14/parents-students-sound-off-about-cell-phones-in-norfolk-schools/]

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