Poem: Joint Custody

Joint Custodynags-head-shore

When we split up
we started to worry
about running into each other
I figured it out:
we can split custody
of all those restaurants
our old favorite haunts

I’ll give you Sam & Omie’s
you give me the pier
I’ll take the campfire and you take the lie
that other place is gone now
and I can’t remember now what it was

Funny — neither of us
wants Kelly’s
I might as well take it
the only time you ever liked the place
was when I was there
and even then you didn’t

All we have
to split up is that —
those haunts
we built nothing
else together
all we had was yours or mine
and nothing was commingled
except us
and our time

On second thought —
can we split Sam & Omie’s?

© 2015 Eileen Ridge

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