Unfortunate to-do list

notbangalore-software-boxesI recently had to wipe my hard drive after a buggy USB device trashed my Windows 7 installation. This list started as a to-do list of things that would need to be done in the process of migrating my life from an old Windows XP machine (which I did only three months ago). This process is painful enough one time, but thanks to the list, I was able to sail through it the second time. I know some folks are curious about the list, so I figured I would post it here.

If you’re moving to a new computer, you may need to do some of this. Everyone’s list will be a little different, depending on the computer you use and the software and devices you have. It is helpful to keep track of installation files (whether they’re downloaded or on discs) and serial numbers and installation codes, as well as user IDs and passwords that are connected to your accounts. Different backup methods offer different benefits, and I plan to make a post about this topic next. For years I’ve been using Second Copy, which I adore. (More on this later….)

I tend to migrate from one computer to another as seldom as possible, so the move is usually a big chore for me. When I set up this new computer, I did some tasks right away, and dragged my heels on others, doing over the course of a few weeks what had taken me eight years to accumulate on the old machine. The second time around I did it pretty much in two or three days (and got inspired to start a blog in the process for some reason).

The list is fairly chronological, with the items listed more or less in the order I did them (there’s a logic to some of that, so I left the list in that order).

There may be some items that didn’t make the list, but this is the lion’s share of it. I welcome any comments you may have, and I’ll be happy to respond to any queries.

  • restore data from backup
    docs etc
    email data (MozBackup)
  • install Firefox
  • install Thunderbird
    restore data from backup–what a hassle this was!
    (now faithful user of MozBackup, which saved me here)
  • install Oki laser printer
  • install iTunes
  • install Second Copy and set up new backup
  • install Adobe CS (5.5)
  • install Audacity, plus Lame add-on
  • install Evernote
  • install Q2ID (plug-in to allow InDesign to open Quark files)
  • install fonts
  • install Logitech setpoint
  • install TeamViewer 7
  • install Quicken
  • install Act!
  • install WP Office & add legal toolbar & extra buttons
  • install Paperport (free download from Corel)
  • install & configure fax (downloaded US Robotics software)
  • install MS Office
    then remove ACT add-ins from Word & Excel (so slow!)
  • install Epson scanner
  • install Rachel’s Epson
  • install Mike’s printer
  • restore Dw sites from backup
  • config network/sharing
  • install iPods
  • install Epson printer
  • install Canon camera software, webcam software, etc.
  • install Skype