How would it feel to lose it all?

Not-Bangalore's backup drivesIf calamity struck today—
a lightning strike,
a hard drive failure,
a computer crash—
how would you feel?

You talkin’ to me?

Some people don’t keep anything precious on their computer. They use a web-based email system (Gmail, Hotmail, AOL mail, Yahoo mail), they don’t use Bookmarks (Favorites), and they don’t use their computer for much more than email, web browsing, or playing games. They don’t really have anything to lose. (They might, with the email, but we’ll talk about that another time). If this describes you, you have nothing to fear, and you need to make no contingency plans.

If, however, you keep anything precious on your computer (documents, pictures, music, email messages/addresses, etc.), or you have anything that would bring you grief to lose, you need to take steps to keep your data safe and back up your files.

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