Gaze upon greatness: Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Cam

WVEC-eagle-camUpdate: Sadly, the eagles are no longer permitted to nest at the NBG. Details about this can be found here:
Many videos are archived here:

Original post:
Night and day–now with sound–the Norfolk Botanical Garden’s Eagle Cam captures the bald eagles that nest in a loblolly pine in NBG.

WVEC (Channel 13, local ABC affiliate) sponsors the feed on their web site. Support is also provided by the Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) and the Va. Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF).

This unobtrusive technology allows us an up-close look at magnificent wild animals. The site features a moderated discussion, and wildlife experts answer questions. It’s educational and entertaining, and well, just downright fascinating. Even when it’s night and there are no eagles visible on the camera, there may be over five thousand readers monitoring the discussion, and people weigh in from all over.

There’s a handy F.A.Q. on the eagle cam site if you want to know more about the eagles.

Some of the eaglets that have fledged from this nest in the past have been fitted with transmitters. You can track those eagles online on the Wildlife Tracking web site. After doing so myself, I find myself looking up a lot more. I often see bald eagles in Virginia Beach.

Added bonus: if you want to get an idea of how windy it is here in Norfolk, you can get a pretty good idea by watching the pines move around, especially on a night like tonight!